FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions
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Question: What are the things that cause discoloration in teeth?

Answer: There are many reasons why teeth lose their colour and shine. The most common of these reasons are: aging, smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee, and tea.

Q: Teeth Whitening, what does this even mean, please explain?

A: It is quite simply the procedure or using of a teeth whitening product that works to restore the original colour of your teeth as much as possible. The process is also known as bleaching.  

Q: What is the tooth whitening procedure?

A: The procedure of whitening your teeth is very easy and simple. A custom made retainer is used that fits over your teeth and is filled with the whitening gel. As the gel touches your teeth, it starts its work of breaking down the stains on your teeth. The whitening gel only works on the colour of the teeth; nothing is affected of the teeth’s physical shape.

Q: I can’t get the LED light to turn on? Please help!

A: Don’t panic; just detach the disk that lies beneath the batteries. It may not be visible unless you look with a keen eye. This disk is to keep the LED from switching-on on its own during the delivery process.

Q: The plastic has been removed but the LED still won’t turn on!

A: If the LED still is not working, then the batteries might be defected and need to be replaced. Lithium coin cell batteries are used here so you can get them from any convenience store.

Q: I am not able to apply the gel in my retainer, any tips on how to do it more easily?

A: Sure we can help. Start by applying a steady, unbroken track of gel inside of the retainer. Once done it should look like an unbroken straight track of gel. After this the retainer should be positioned over the teeth. This will automatically spread the gel over the entire surface of the tooth.

Q: Who should not be using the Teeth Whitening products?

A: If you have any dental disease, are under 18 or are pregnant, it is recommended that you avoid using teeth whitening products at all.

Q: Are your products safe?

A: First and foremost, always follow the directions given on the product manual and don’t overdo it. Our products are totally safe! No need to worry as we have performed all the necessary clinical tests and research.

Q: How much time till I see good results?

A: You will be able to see a visible difference within a couple of weeks. The time also depends on the condition of your teeth.

Q: There are white spots on my teeth after I used your product! What are they!?

A: Not to worry here, these are normal spots called hypo-calcification. They go away in around 72 hours so no need to panic as they are just spots and not signs of any damage.

Q: How long till your products expires?

A: Our products last for around 12 to 24 months and should be kept in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Not to worry even if the product has passed its expiry date, you can still use it for at least two more months.

Q: Can I use your products to whiten my crown, veneers and fillings?

A: Please know that our products are only to be used for the natural teeth as they do not work on veneers, fillings or crowns.